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CableRail Solutions for Composite Sleeved Posts

The Cinch

Elegant, modern, and adjustable.

This durable, expandable plant hanger is made with stainless steel cable, grade 316 (also known as "marine grade"), excellent for all weather conditions.

No assembly required; just place pot in the circular "eye" of the wire loop then pull on the cable ends to tighten around the pot. They really are a "Cinch"!

Adjustable - for many shapes and sizes, will accommodate up to 12" diameter pots.

Minimum of 3 Cinch plant hangers required per order.

Price: $9.99

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Cinch Plant Hanger

Cinch plant hangers are made from sleek, strong 3/64" diameter stainless steel cable crafted into an attractive and versatile hanger design that blends beautifully with any decor, indoors or out, requires no assembly, and easily adjusts to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Cinch hangers can be used to hang pots, wood planters, bird feeders and baths, candles, and more, and each hanger can hold up to a 25 lb load.

  The Hang Length will vary depending on the pot diameter:

 Using the Cinch is simple

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